I haven’t been blogging for awhile, haven’t really been into it, busy at work, sad from breaking up with someone, so I thought I’d share a story about someone I had an incredible crush on a couple of years ago…

Isis sat down on the edge of the console table as it was the only place to sit in the telco closet and she was tired of standing. Charles swung his legs around behind her and sat down too, asking “can you balance the keyboard on your knees, so we can look at it together?” Isis replied, “yes, I think I can do that but I need to lean against you for balance.” As Isis lean against Charles, she could feel his warm body and smell his cologne. Isis started to move her back slightly against his groin. Charles reach around to the Isis to the laptop, pulling her closer against him, innocently looking at the data streaming from the system across the laptop. With one hand balancing the laptop, Isis reached behind her to rub the small of her back, lightly grazing Charles’ growing member. Charles let out a gasp but said nothing. Isis reached behind her again and fumbled for his zipper all the while looking at the data. Charles reached again for the keyboard but let his hand come to rest on her breast, slowly teasing and twisting her hard nipples. The air between them was hot and sexy. Isis had his cock out and was slowly masturbating him from behind. She could feel him against her back. She wanted more,
Isis lowered her knees to keep the laptop from toppling over, twisted and reached behind and pulled Charles’ mouth to hers. The kiss turned into a deep frenzy but then Charles pulled away, “I’m married, I can’t.” Isis wasn’t about to let him get away with that excuse, they had gone too far tonight to stop and Isis was getting very wet and didnÂ’t want to be frustrated tonight.

Isis stopped her backwards exploring, putting the laptop down on the floor and swung around to face Charles. She pulled him into her again and greedily kissed him while running her hands down his chest, down his belly…

…to be continued…

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