missing and goodbye d

I miss “d”. He’s been so busy lately that our schedules just aren’t mingling..I haven’t felt really horny during the weeks of work but I swear if “d” touched me right now, I’d be on fire. The last time I saw him was November 1st and it was great, totally animalistic passionate sex twice that night and I really wanted great morning sex but I had to go to work and left him sleeping here..that was hard to do knowing he was still sleeping in my bed and I was working.

I woke up this morning so horny and wanted him to just slide into me, feel his hands on my skin, feel his lips deeply kissing me..just feel the man again would be wonderful.

I have this need for raw sex and then some tender loving sex and cuddling together and then more passionate sex..and kisses on back…when he kisses my back for some reason it totally turns me on like no other man has ever turned me on.

I miss him.

I love the way you hold my head when kissing me. I love the fact that we are so easy and comfortable with each other and we fit so well together. I love when you hold me after we have sex. I love the way you hold me at night when we are asleep. I love waking up to morning sex. I love the way you seem to understand exactly what i want in bed. I love the way you make me feel. I love the way you feel inside me. I love the way you smell. I love the way you express yourself when you are coming, that totally turns me on. I love when you kiss me on my back or trace circles on my back..i never knew that was such an erogenous zone for me. The first time we were together..no man has ever made me want him more than you did that night. I kissed you the first time to shut you up but also because I really really want to taste you, to feel you, the chemistry between us was so strong and you looked so sexy that night. I completely trust you.

and now its over goodbye “d”.

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