sweet sensations

I haven’t been horny lately, i guess lack of sleep and working so much, I just haven’t been feeling it but this morning..ooooo..first orgasm in weeks..love reading everyones tales of the wicked and sexy..and a little vibration..mmmmm..feeling much better..

I miss having a warm body next to me. I miss the tenderness of a man, the playfulness of pure honest sex, the feeling of contact as he slides into me, plays with my clit and my ass. I love kisses on my back..i love feeling a cock in my ass…

time to find a new man..I’m defintely interested in someone..another cancer, another loner but maybe this one is interested in more than just something to pass by the time..i want more, i want a relationship and I WANT to HAVE SEX EVERYDAY!!! I want to feel wet again when I see the man I’m with…

mmm…back to the vibration..yummy sweet sensations

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