a question for all these men in a sexless marriage. I’ve been reading some of these great blogs by men who seem to be in a sexless marriage…that they’re wives just aren’t into sex and they are horny all the time. When you start dreaming of strip clubs, and other women, isn’t it time to re-evaluate your marriage? And when you have actually wandered away from the relationship and started seeing the other women, don’t you think its time to just end the relationship?

i’m talking about personal experience here – i am the other women – I don’t want him to break up/end the relationship because of me but because it has ended some time ago…enough to make him seek out other pleasures with me. i know how to keep my man happy, i’m horny 24/7

To all these men who are in a sexless or occasional sex marriage…What happened in the relationship? Was she never into sex? Did she change – totally into sex before and not now? How long are you going to wait? and have you just ever flat out told her that you want sex all the time?
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joeguy – February 16th, 2004
Interesting query. I happen to be in a great marriage, crammed full of good sex, even some off-beat stuff. But when what seems to be a safe opportunity wafts in front of me, I tend to take it. Why? Most directly, because I like pussy, and I seem to have the knack of sniffing out women who enjoy a strange cock from time to time. If you’d check out my first posting, you’d read how I went from a quickie fuck with my current friend to a fuck less than an hour later with my wife. Both women seemed satisfied — they had good orgasms, at any rate.

df – February 16th, 2004
I would have to agree with joeguy. I was married for 5 years, together for 10. We started in out teens.. We still to this day love each other very much. We have just accepted the fact that we have different needs. We share a son, which is demanding sometimes. But we have promised each other that NO ONE will come between that.

My current girlfried was a rebound relation ship. Im weak. I cannot be alone. I am afraid to try. I dont consider my self Don Juan. But when the opportunity arises. I take it. I have a confidence issue my shrink says. But I have learned that life is too short to be tied to one person (just me). I want to enjoy what i can, while i can. Sex is not important to me at all. but the pursuit of it is.. I like the first time feelings. the tension between two people wanting each other. I love pussy. and have a fetish for ass.

Even if i was with a woman that totally satified me sexually.. doesnt mean i wouldnt look else where too.. I know im a PIG. but hey i admit it and enjoy it. Hence the reason why I wont get married or have any kids soon..

SMD – February 16th, 2004
df – never said you had to be alone i totally doubt you would seek elsewhere considering what you told me so far..and then there’s the confidence issue..never said I wouldn’t enjoy another woman either..but if she knew what you were up to..would she leave?

joeguy – does your wife know what you do on the side?

df – February 16th, 2004
I think she would leave.. No woman would want their other cheating on them. So i assume she would leave..

SMD – February 16th, 2004
if the arrangement was a mutual agreement, then its not cheating…

but how would you feel if you found your girlfriend or wife cheating on you?

df – February 16th, 2004
well ive experienced the wife cheating. As for my girlfriend. Id prefer not to find out. If she is doing it.. thats fine with me.. Just keep it out of my site..

SMD – February 16th, 2004
df – now you know how i feel..i don’t need to hear about you going away with her. I’m selfish, i want you to myself. The only reason I got involved with you is because you told me you two were breaking up. Break up already!!!

how would you feel if I was seeing someone else?

logical – February 16th, 2004
Sexy — I love your blog! It is very reassuring to know that a woman can be horny and come right out and say she loves sex.

In my situation, I dunno. My wife definitely has a different need and desire level, but a relationship cannot be built on sex alone, or it will fail when the sex goes flat. My wife is my best friend and I would never betray her, no matter how much my desire runs away on me. Sure, I have thought about grabbing someone new on the side, and I have had a couple of offers, but it always comes back to my friendship with my wife.

SMD – February 16th, 2004
logical – i completely agree, sex alone isn’t going to make a relationship survive..but its a big part of it, there has to be friendship too, a mutal respect of each other’s needs and desires. I think that df and I have that friendship and the chemistry between us is intense.

logical – its nice to know that there are men out there like you that want sex all the time and still want marriage

df – February 17th, 2004
I agree with logical. but its hard to find. the last time i trusted someone with all that. she left me.. Im NOT going to set myself up for that again. Selfish of me but thats the way it is. I love sex but youre right, when it gets flat i get bored. Must be why i find it elsewhere. Hence when i do decide to get married again. I will NOT ever cheat. but thats a long time away..

SMD – February 17th, 2004
df – Not everyone is the same, not every woman is the same..I would never cheat on you but you’d have to get me a chance. I’m tired of being alone every night. I trusted you when you said things were ending/ended – was I wrong to trust you in that?

df – February 18th, 2004
and i might decide to give you that chance. but i told you that things with me and my GF are tough right now and more than likely going to end sometime in the near future. but that still dont mean im going to jump right back into a rebound relationship.. I did that once. i dont want to hurt anyone again.

SMD – February 18th, 2004
i don’t want you in a rebound relationship..i just want your body and maybe our friendship will develop into something more someday or maybe not. I don’t want to rule that out… and I don’t want us to stop talking

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