i was denied but got some great cybersex from the ex..
we were discussing music and general things, df which is odd but we are still good friends and then it turned to cybersex..

here’s a taste
de: boxers or briefs? which is better?
SMD boxers
de: hmm
de: I started wearing boxers when I was a college student.
de: I either wear boxers or nothing
SMD nothing is even better
de: Just more wash to do
de: heh
SMD easier access
de: You have your priorities straight
SMD i’m so wet
SMD mastrubating is making me hornier
de: It’s bound to do that
de: Like the cool breeze on your back of a sigh after a wet kiss
SMD i want to feel your hard cock inside me
de: Teasing the clit with the head of my cock
de: Then entering slowly
SMD no teasing, just deep hard thrusting
de: Holding your right leg ….cradled in my arm
de: Switching from slow entery to hard thrusts
de: pumping and rocking your bed like crazy
de: Wrapping my right arm behind your back
de: slamming into you with wet force
de: Sweat lubricates
de: Motion like water
de: squeeze your tit with my left hand
SMD biting my tit, feeling you damn..loss for words
de: Grab your ass with both hands and lean into you
de: Can feel my balls touching your thighs and the parting of your legsde: Slapping of flesh
SMD my legs wrapped around you, pulling you deeper and deeper
de: _Like the water against the side of a ship in a storm
de: _Your wetness saturating the walls of your thighs
de: _My cock is wet plunging
de: _My hand cups your ass
de: _Nails bite tenderly into your ass
de: _The cockj is so slippery. It’s unweildy in this storm.
de: _I just push into your pelvis, totally in you and stop for a moment, gyrate slightly.
de: _Lick you from my hand
SMD _tasting myself on you, mmmmmm
SMD _slow teasing, riding the waves
de: _I pull your hair back, pull it taught behind your head
de: _My hand cups your pussy
de: _My cock slides around on your side
de: _We’re on our right sides now
de: _I hold your head steady as i kiss your neck and back
SMD _as you slowly enter my ass, kissing my back
de: _My ciock slides aginst your back
de: _All lubed by your own taste
de: _Slowly I’m in
de: _Hold your ass, your hair
de: _Push into you
SMD _playing with my clit, as you push into me..
de: _Feel your ass against my pelvis and legs
de: _Hand still playing with your pussy
de: _thumb on the clit while others spelunk inside your inner
de: _Light flicking
de: _Stay still in your ass
de: _Have to hold myself together
SMD _i want to feel you come..i want to taste you sliding down the back of my throat..
de: _I slowly pull back out, and pull the condom off
de: _I am kneeling on the bed
de: _i hold your head from the back, with your hair in my fingers
SMD _stroking
de: _My left hand is still on your pussy, cupped there
de: _Feels so good
de: _Hot all over
SMD mmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooo
de: hummmmmm
de: ah
de: How do you feel?
SMD hmmmmmm
SMD sweaty, hot
SMD and wondering why you’re not here

mmm…sleepy now, its great to play with the ex..but i really wanted df tonight..hmmm…

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