I’m sitting here at work talking to this women who thinks she knows it all in regards to sex and men and always has a story to tell that will top whatever you are talking about, she’s been there so she can feel for you kinda of thing..actually rather annoying. She always stands really close to me..which tends to piss me off, like she’s my best friend or something..i can’t write about her on my other blog, she reads that one….ok enough venting…..

here’s the funny part, she was telling me that if a man ever tried to partake in anal sex with her, it would just end any interests she might have had in him..these were her words not mine…and that any man that wanted rough sex, he could just hit the road that she was a better woman than those people who did those things and she would never be friends with someone who liked that kind of stuff (she brings up these subjects not i)

….little does she know, I love a hard cock in my ass, sometimes rough sex is awesome..i still have bruises from monday night when df bit my tits and nipples, my inner thighs.. i actually have teeth marks..and just thinking about having hard intense sex with df, him licking my ass and entering my ass..is totally making me wet..and incredibly horny…and little does she know of the awesome rough sex df and i had in this very office monday afternoon…

and only one other person is left in the bldg..hmmm..mj, if she really knew what i wanted to do with mj, i think she would faint..oh, think i need to go find some place private to put my play with my clit

if any of them knew what i really really loved, how wild i actually am outside of work mmmmmmmmm

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