valentine day blues

valentine day blues Feb 15th, 2004 3:14:27 am EST
and i’m still alone..i’m a little sad. I wish I was the one that he wanted to come home to. I wish I was the one that got those gorgeous red roses. I wish I was the one that was picking up ice cream for him..we could have fun with ice cream…dribbling it over each other’s body, licking it off each other’s bodies…mmmm

It bothers me alot that he still has a girlfriend and I couldn’t stay the night. I don’t like that he still sleeps with her. Although i’ve gotten say, he’s gots guts having sex with me in his bed while she was out.. it bothers me that they stay together because of convience..because its hard to find a place with 2 dogs..i’ll help her find a place!!! I don’t want to hear about them going away together for a weekend…I’m being selfish but i want more….i don’t want to stop seeing him, i like him, i love the sex, i love the way he feels inside me..i thought he was sexy from the first moment i saw him….

update: i’m over the wants and wishes..i guess i was just feeling the valentine day blues. I get that way every valentine’s day..i’m a total romantic and want the flowers and the romance
the last person i expected to hear from today was my ex..wishing me a happy valentine’s least i’m smiling now..thanks DE

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