re-reading my other blog, i realized that i already know what i want in a relationship. I wasn’t looking for either of the two guys i have a on/off sexual relationships with (df and de)..they pursue me and when i got too intense..they disappeared..

i am intense!, i’m nerdy and geeky, i’m lazy and sometimes like to sleep all day, i can be quiet and sometimes i can be loud, i love listening to music but can sit in complete silence too, i love making sweet slow passionate love but i also like hard rough biting my clit type of sex, i like women, i like to experiment, i would love to be tied up and teased and most of all i love when a man kisses my back, i tend to get major energy from having sex but sometimes i like to cuddle and sleep, i tend to talk to myself when i’m programming or doing accounting, i don’t mind the cat hair on the couch, i think that the cats jumping up on the counter or drinking out of my glass is cute, i sometimes forget to eat until i get dizzy, i’m always horny, i am a good cook but sometime the food turns out gross and i don’t like to cook all the time, i am not the best housekeeper in the world – ok, i suck at it but it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers others, i love surprises(good ones), i love reading, i don’t want to change someone to be something there are not because i don’t want to be something i’m not, i’m down to earth and very sensual and intense!

I want to be the mistress, I want to be the lover, I want to be the girlfriend, I want to be the partner in a long-term relationship and I want to get married someday and I definetly want a least one kid someday.

I want someone that I feel totally comfortable with in a room even if we are doing our own thing, I want the sexual energy between us to always be on. I want to look across a room and be that turned on by someone always. I want his touch to electrify me. I want to miss that person when we are apart and I want him to miss me. I want to know that person, I want him to know me..all my scattered thoughts. I will give my heart and soul to someone who loves me the same. I want alot I know but I don’t think I’m asking for too much…

i want kisses to always be passionate…”The heart can discern so many kinds of kisses. From the first shy kiss to the hungry urgent passionate kiss that almost shatters the soul.”

df knew what i wanted from the beginning, he’s read the other blog and i knew where he was in his life but i still like him and still think he is incredibly sexy..but i think he probably needs to find himself before he makes another commitment in his life and de, well that has been over for a while now, we still are very attracted to one another and when he grabs my head and kisses me, i could melt, but i know that de needs to find himself and his career first before he can commit to anyone else…with that being said, i wasn’t looking for either of these guys..they pursued me and neither was exactly the type of guy i’d actually maybe the next guy that pursues me will be able to handle the intense me and will want a commitment.

but i do know what i want in my just to find the guy that can deal with an intense sexy magick desires and all that encompasses me..

until that time..df or de…i need sex!!!!

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