as i emerge from the hot steamy shower, droplets of water running between my thighs, i reach for the baby oil to massage into my still wet body. The essence of the softness as the oil is seductively massaged into every pore of my body. My nipples stand at attention as i rub the baby soft oil into my breasts, down my stomach, onto my freshly shaven pussy lips, down my thighs, back up towards my ass and then onto my back. I feel heavenly, super soft and luscious like dew on a strawberry field. My body aches for his touch, his fingers running light touches against my now sweet, clean, soft body. His hands massaging my back, caressing my ass as his fingers lightly touch my clit, every so slightly making me crazy with want, desire, lust. His body brushes mine, he enters me slowly from behind and the sweet crush of desire overwhelms me as i feel my juices flowing erupting into a waterfall of orgasm, pulling me into the clouds of lust.

on that note, i’m super horny and i want to feel a hard cock inside me..i’ve been waiting all day to play with my vibrator and now the cats are surrounding me which somehow kills the mood because they think its a toy

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