in a feverish dream state, I dreamt of Charles, someone I haven’t thought of in years, he was a co-worker way back and we were never more than friends, we worked closely together, sat in the same cubical, we were the IT staff but he was in a committed relationship and then married, so it was never an option to go any further than just friends but thoughts of fantasies often crossed my mind and as a writer, often those thoughts were written down…

Dana was sitting at her desk busy doing some work when Charles came up behind her and started to rub her shoulders which felt heavenly. Dana could feel herself getting wet just from the slight touch of Charles’ hands on her body. Abruptly he stopped and sat down at his desk, his face flush. He didn’t want anyone to see that he had gotten rock hard. He pulled his chair closer to the desk and stared at his computer. He wanted to unzip his pants right there and stroke his swollen head but was afraid others would be able to see. Dana saw the flush in his face and she looked at him, her eyes following his hand down. She saw his swollen head and came up behind up to rub his shoulders and block the view. Dana whispered, “go ahead sweetheart. No one can see now. I want to see you. I want to feel you.” There was something naughty and exciting about doing the forbidden when anyone could just walk up to them or lean over the cube. Slowly, Charles unzipped his trousers, brought out his rigid pole and began rubbing his swollen head and stroking the shaft. Dana longed to help him but if she leaned over then they would be caught. Charles needed to do this for himself right now. Dana was only get wetter and wetter as she innocently rubbed his broad shoulders and blocking the view from everyone. Dana longed to put him in her mouth and taste his sweet juices. Charles wanted to grab Dana and put her on his lap damn anyone else but no one knew about them not even his closest friends at work. He quietly moaned and knew he was about to come but then stopped, zipped up his pants, his face red with control. He stood up and grabbed Dana by the hand didn’t say a word and pulled her roughly down the stairs to the 2nd floor which was empty and dark. As soon as they were alone, he scooped her up in a passionate kiss never saying anything. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor and began to stroking his cock rhythmically, harder and faster. Dana wanted him and dropped to her knees, took his cock in her mouth and began sucking as his come flew down her throat. She needed her own release and pushed Charles into the empty office beside them, sat down on the desk pulled up her skirt (she wasn’t wearing any panties today). Charles leaned down and began to suck her clit. She was so wet and Charles could feel himself getting hard again. He sat back into the chair and pulled Dana off the desk and onto him, sliding deep within her. They rocked back and forth finding their own rhythm slowly making love to each other never saying a word. Her hands glided over his chest. His fingers found her clit and began to rub it hard as they came together. She wanted to scream but couldn’t. He moaned with his release nipping her neck. They sat together for a long time afterwards feeling totally satisfied. How could they calmly walk back upstairs now, Charles knew everyone had seen him roughly pulled Dana down the stairs. Both of them had a grin from ear to ear and surely everyone would know now that they were having sex and everyone knew he was married. Charles spoke first, “lets go for a walk. I need some air to cool down.”

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