as I was inquiring about a class, I remembered the teacher, wondering if was still going commando under his neat trousers, keeping my thoughts to myself, I asked the receptionist if the class was still open. She said is was but was part of series of classes. I informed her that I just wanted to learn the basics of logic and couldn’t I just take the one class, I asked if the xxx was still teaching the class and she said he was and then OH, are you so and so? I asked why she said OH so suddenly and she blurted out that if I was that girl that he had fallen in love with but didn’t love him back, I was forbidden to take the class, the series, he didn’t want her around period. I calmly told her no, I wasn’t so and so, I was just an old friend and hadn’t seen him recently and turned to leave since the class was only part of a series. Quiet silent thoughts floating through my memories were his hard hot cock in my mouth, the delicious taste of his kisses on my hungry mouth and just as I was standing there in the doorway musing about him, he appeared at the door, asked me what I was doing there? Why was I at his school? He looked upset but I told him to chill, I was just interested in learning a little more about logic, I could afford the class now and since he installed it on my computer and then disappeared how else was I suppose to learn it? Still the sight of him made me wet, my stomach turned to butterflies and my heart took a leap. I asked why he had forbidden her to take his class, he was upset now and asked how I knew. I told him, you can’t tell someone something like that without them wanting to blurt it out to someone. I was there, the blurt appeared, trying to sound humorous. I told him, I was worried about him, that I understood the pain that comes when you fall in love with someone and they don’t love you back, he looked sheepish at that moment and said “I thought you were over that.” She looked deep into his eyes and answered, “who said I still didn’t love you?” He grabbed her head, gave her a deep kiss and said, “I’ve gotta go but will catch you later.” Oh my, the deep kiss, weak in the knees, can’t think straight and he wants to catch up with her later? As she turned to go, she looked back and said, “commando or boxers today?”

Sex with just a random person is just sex. Sex with someone you like, is sex that is pure fun. Sex with someone that you love is a little more than just sex, its chemistry, its a little bit of delicious heaven when you care about one another. And friends love one another, maybe not in the same way as being in love but friends do care about each other, and I care about the teacher deeply.

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