I found myself in the middle of nowhere without a place to sleep, a friend let me use the room behind his little cafe for the week. I awoke to the sound of banging and thought to myself, hell no, I wasn’t going to stay here all week – it way too early to rise, I buried my head under the pillow trying desperatly to go back to sleep. It wasn’t working, I started to rise, stretch and get up, off to explore this nowhere place, figure out what mysterious force brought me here. I wander through the barren town, strangely enough filled with a mixture of people as if they too were brought here by some mysterious magick force to began the transformation of what I did not know. This little cafe seemed to be the center of it all and here I was sleeping in the back room alone.

That night you came to me, a complete surprise, you had a fight with your wife and just wanted a place to sleep, a place to just forget it all. I allowed you in my bed to cuddle, to relax, to just be, to sleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night with you stroking my breasts, you asked me if you could fuck me in my ass, oh god, it had been so long since someone had wanted to play with me anally. I dug through my backpack, found the lube and handed it to you. There were no more words, just play, kisses upon my back, your hard hot cock in my ass, thrusting in and out, your fingers rubbing my hard clit furiously, I could feel myself upon the brink of an orgasm as you started to come and then I came hard, tears in my eyes. I wanted so much more from you and knew that I wouldn’t be here long and knew what the fight was about. We played some more and feel asleep in an exhausted happy sleep, I awoke in the morning to more banging of pots and pans to find you gone.

As I lay awake, I wonder if this is what I meant to find here in this deserted little town, a new beginning but first I had to find a new place to sleep. I packed my bags and left the little cafe wandering down the road. I soon found myself at your house, looking at the room to rent. I had no idea it was your house as your wife was showing the room. She was a cute little thing, a little uptight but I could change that over time. She had the cutest little nipples poking through her shirt
and as she was showing me the room, she bent over to show my how the radiator worked and oh my her ass, I almost touched her. I wanted nothing more than to caress her breasts. I accepted the room, thinking of her and how much I wanted to kiss her.

I unpacked and undressed, my hands caressing my nipples as removed my shirt and bra, slowly caressing down my belly to the top of my jeans, I worked them off and finally, slowly I touched my throbbing clit thinking of your wife gently sucking me off. I masturbated slowly, furiously, arching my back and I came ooo so sweetly, quietly in your room for rent. Tasting my juices flowing from my body, I remembered last night as you thrusted in and out of my ass, sweet memories. I thought I’d never see you again as we were only online friends and last night was only a once in a lifetime chance encounter.

As I entered the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, there you were standing at the counter, I gasped surprised to see you there.

to be continued…

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