You slowly turned around at the sound of my gasp with a look of WTF are you doing here in my kitchen? Before I could speak and explain, your wife entered the kitchen and said “honey, I want you to meet our new roomer, Isis.” Your jaw almost dropped to the floor as I held out my hand and introduced myself, our hands meeting with an electrifying touch. Your wife seemed not to notice the dumbfounded look on your face or the instant charge in the air between us. I wanted to kiss you right then and there but kept it cool, like we had never met before, that we never talked to each other online or had had phone sex or more recently live thursting animalistic anal sex.

Your wife broke through the silence, “Honey, could you make some drinks? I want to show Isis around and then we can get to know each other a little more over drinks on the patio.” You silently shrugged and said ok, still with a dumbfounded look on your face and asked what I wanted, I said “surprised me” and turned to follow your wife. She showed me where the 2nd bathroom was, the one I was to use and she said that your bedroom was across the hall from me. She showed me your study and told me that you spent alot of time in there alone on the computer, that she never understood what you were doing in there all the time. I knew exactly what you were doing in there, many times you masturbated for me online via the webcam, watching you stroke your hard cock on camera up and down, while I told you how I wanted to lick and taste you, the thoughts whirling in my head as I recalled the many times you came for me, I could feel myself getting wet and had to concentrate hard on what your wife was telling me. I asked her if she never went into your study and she told me that she wasn’t really into computers at all but that my room had internet hookup, something called wireless that you had setup in the house.

She showed me her study which was right next to your room separated by a sliding door, she opened the sliding door and behold your bedroom, your large king size bed with a wrought iron headboard just made for tying each other up, oh my. Fantasies started popping into my head, just thinking of tying your wife up and licking her swollen clit, fondling her breasts, while you fucked me from behind. Your wife was wearing this short skirt and she bend over to retrieve a book that had fallen on the floor, how I wanted to slide my hand on her ass, turn her around and kiss her. I asked her if it was getting hot in here or if it was just me, she laughed and said “enough of the tour, lets go get our drinks.”

We walked together towards the patio, the cool refreshing air greeted us. You were sitting by the pool, sipping your drink, deep in thought. Your wife and I sat down on either side of you and I commented, “a pool, how wonderful!” Your wife told me that there was also a hot tub and maybe later we could all enjoy it together. A smile emerged on my face and said “yes, defintely, lets do it!” You had never heard your wife suggest something like that and then your wife asked me if I had a swimming suit with me, if not I could borrow one of hers. Then you and I realized that she was a little naive about me. I said who needs a swimsuit, we’re all grown adults here and when was the last time she went skinny dipping? I so wanted to see her perky breasts in the moonlight, a few more drinks, she’d relaxed and we’d see. She said maybe.

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