She told me she was a grade school teacher and that she was also a board of the teacher’s association so she spent many nights at school as well and occasional weekend trips out of town on behalf of the board. She told me you were a night dj four days a week and that you hardly saw each other. As she was talking, I keep looking at her, her small petite body, perky nipples showing through her top, her muscler legs peeking out her short skirt, her long blond hair swaying with the wind. And then I’d glance over at you, watching me watch her. I licked my lips, taking a sip of my drink.

She asked me about me. I told her that I found myself here in this little town not knowing what brought me here. That I traveled from place to place exploring the land, finding something new each time. I had had a corporate job, had saved alot of money but never had to time to relax and found myself burned out on the corporate lifestyle, quit my job, packed all my things and stored them, sold my house and decided to follow my bliss wherever it might take me. I had happened upon this little town to only find that it looked deserted but was alive and beating with something I still did not know but wanted to find. I told her I was staying with a friend at his cafe but the noise of the banging pots and pans at 5am was just too much and I set out to find a new place to stay until I figured out what brought me here in the first place and here I was, just a free spirit.

You listened but didn’t say much, got up once and got another round of drinks, got up and again and brought up a pitcher of the this translucent nectar to the patio, refilled our glasses and turned on some soft music. I left the table once to go put on a skirt, I was in jeans and was getting hot. I decided to also put on a see-through shirt with no bra. I came back to the table and realized you were setting the mood, the drinks strong, the music, you wanted that hot tub as much as I did. Your eyes adjusted to the dark, almost popped out of your head when you saw what I was wearing. Your wife either didn’t notice or pretended not to notice.

I wanted so much for you to touch my swollen clit with your tongue a pause while author masturbates

to touch my erect nipples. You reached across the table brushing my hand slightly to refill my glass, excuse yourself for a moment to use the bathroom, as you leave the table, I can see how hard you are, I wonder are you going to go masturbate? I wish I could follow you and taste you, feel your hard cock down my throat.

Your wife giggles nervously, she’s on her fourth drink. I asked her how she is feeling and scoot closer to her chair. I tell her how attractive I am to her, that I decided to take the room because of her. She giggles again. She told me that she wasn’t gay, ah, neither am I but I do like women and men. My free spirt allows me to understand and appreciate all beings. I can tell she isn’t quite sure just yet. She asked me if I find you attractive and I said oh yes. “Maybe we should move to the hot tub?”, I as I get up and hold out my hand to her. She follows me slowly, nervously. We stand next to the hot tub and I slowly undress her. I remove her shirt, run my hands over her nipples, lean into her, kissing her neck, smelling her sweet perfume and unclasp her bra. She shivers as I run my tongue over her nipples, gently sucking at each one. I can tell that she’s not too sure but enjoying every moment. I asked her if she wants me to stop and she says no. I glance out the corner of my eye and see you standing at the table looking for us, then you spot us in the moonlight surprised as I continue to undress your wife. My tongue runs down her belly to the top of her short skirt. My hands unbutton her skirt and push it down, slowly I remove her underwear and oh my, her musky sense overwhelms me, I want to taste her so bad. I have to remember to be slow and gentle, this is her first time with a women or so I think. My hands grab her ass and pull her clit close to my tongue. She spreads her legs slightly, I’m on my knees. I start to lick and gently bite her clit, my tongue moving in and out her pussy. My senses on overload, I didn’t think it would be quite this easy to seduce your wife. My tongue reaching in further and further, my hands grabbing her ass, my fingers playing with her ass, one hand back to her clit, rubbing it furiously, she is about to come, I can feel her shaking, and then she lets out a moan as she comes quite hard, I lick her clean and she sits down on the edge of the tub quite shaken. Her eyes look wild and satisfied.

I slowly undress for her, I am quite drenched myself. I rub my hands over my nipples while she watches and you watch from a distance. I move my hands down my belly and I step out my skirt, my fingers immediately find my very swollen clit and start to masturbate. I want to feel her tongue moving in and out of my pussy but I know that I need to invite her slowly to wonders of women and then she surprises me. She leans over and kisses me deeply, tasting her own juices on my lips, her hands start to roam over my body. She pulls me closer for a deeper kiss and then moves to my nipples, biting them, tugging at them, her tongue moves down my belly and then to my shaved pussy and she starts to move her tongue in and out of my pussy with no inhibitions, she has done this before. This isn’t some naive woman, this is an expert.

She slowly fucks me with her tongue, gently nipping my clit with her teeth. I want to feel you in my ass but I can’t break the silence between your wife and me. I glance around and see you behind me stroking furiously up and down, precum on the tip of your hard cock and then I let the sensations override me, I am coming and coming hard, shaking on my legs, heart pounding, orgasm brewing and then I erupt so powerfully hard that I collapse onto your wife. She untangles us and moves back to my pussy, her fingers in my ass, her tongue in my pussy bringing me to another wave of a powerful orgasm. She licks me clean and then kisses me deeply.

I glance over at you and you are so so close, I wink at your wife and ask what about him? She turns around slowly blushing for the first time and tells me I can have you.

I beckon you closer and wrap my lips around your hard cock, feel you slide down my throat, tasting you, but I want to feel you in my ass like last night, I stop deep throating you and tell you what I want, turn around and exposed my ass to you, no hesitation on your part, you enter me hard and violently erupt. Your wife watches with a smile on her face.

We slide silently into the hot tub, no words spoken. All satisfied, we continue to sip our drinks, each thinking silent thoughts.

author must go incredibly be continued

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