this is ridicilous, I’m sitting here trying desperately trying to think about anything else, going about my normal nightly routine, feeding the cats, eating dinner, watching a little tv and all I can think about is him finger fucking me in the car across the bridge on the way back to his house, feeling his hard cock through his shorts, the way he tasted me after playing with me, the way i tasted when I kissed him, his fingers on my clit, the amazing orgasm I had on the way home, i was so horny, i needed to cum again and again, the way I taste, yum, the way he kissed me so hungrily and he channels that into his work – how I have no idea, I know he’s horny, I heard him moan, all I wanted was to feel him slide into me, fast and deep and he had to work again I can’t think straight, I can’t concentrate, all I can think about is how his fingers felt in my pussy, how soaked I am wanting him, wanting him now, wanting to feel his tongue on my clit, feel his fingers in my ass, wanting, needing to feel him slide into me…..shower time, i want him now, time to go fantasize……then to bed, maybe my brain will stop thinking about his hard cock and how much i wanted to feel him tonight, taste him tonight…next time he isn’t going to get away with just teasing me, I WANT HIM NOW!!

Mood: wet and unable to concentrate
(3) original desires
cyberman4591 – May 19th, 2005
Tell us what you did in bed…

bedroomeyes – May 19th, 2005
I kno the feeling exactly!

honeybuns – May 19th, 2005
mmmm… I’m going to go and take mine now, this got me all excited!

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