i can’t believe de got me all wet and horny and then told me goodnight, he had to work, now I know he was horny, a girl can tell these things….mmmmmm, his hand felt so good rubbing my leg, his hand was hot and oh when he explored a little further beneath the skirt, yum, honestly he could have kept going, i’m soaked, i wanted to feel his fingers on my clit. Really, I needed to get home to see the cats but I also really wanted to come in for a little while and sit on his lap and play just for a little while. I wanted to see his place too – he describes it to me but I’d like to see it too, maybe soon. I wanted to slide down my tiny g-string and straddle and feel him enter me..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, just the thought of him entering me, I couldn’t wait for the shower, pulled out my toys, took off my clothes and played with that long forgotten vibe.. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my, damn that felt good, although it would have been 10x better with his hard cock inside me.

I want to feel his teeth gently biting my clit, feel his tongue in my pussy, I want to taste myself on him, I want to kiss him deeply and taste me, I want to taste him, I want him to come down my throat, i want to ride him and play with him all night long

and tonight I just wanted a few moments with him…but he had to work, I don’t know how he just turns it off cuz when I’m wet and horny that’s all I can think about
Mood: very very very wet

(4) original desires
muse – May 18th, 2005
Oh to be wanted like that

Stunning muse SMD – Stunning!

nudeboylife – May 18th, 2005
He sounds mature enough to know there’s a time to work and a time to play, and he’ll therefore make it up to you next time :0

bedroomeyes – May 18th, 2005

cookiebush – May 18th, 2005
How do people turn it off like that?

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