as de was dropping me off at the airport yesterday morning, he said something naughty i assume but I didn’t catch it the wind was in my hair and I was trying to pull my bags out and i was sooooo tired with only an hour sleep the night before. I asked him what he said and he smiled and say nothing he was just being naughty, dammit what did he say? I’m soooo curious what he said, I’m tempted to wear the same skirt back tonight on the plane or at least change into the skirt before I go out to find him waiting for me. I can’t remember the last time de saw me dressed up in a skirt and heels…definetly need to dress up more often around him

another question in my head from yesterday, i wonder if he was commando underneath his jeans, i’ve been so wet thinking that I turned him on yesterday especially since he made a naughty comment..

now what did he say?
Mood: horny and curious

(7) original desires
D. – May 17th, 2005
He said, “Mfff msfffgg fmowlmso.”

D. – May 17th, 2005
That’s Mumble for, “I want to bend you over the car hood and eat you out,” by the way.

Of course, I’m just guessing.

SMD – May 18th, 2005
hmmm..who is this mysterious D.? wouldn’t happen to be de, would it?

D. – May 18th, 2005
No, actually. Not that I wouldn’t like to be, as you are a tasty morsal.

D. – May 18th, 2005
I’m at doctorian001 on Yahoo Messenger if you ever feel like a chat, by the way. Call me Richard.

SMD – May 19th, 2005
i think de should comment and tell me what he said

D. – May 19th, 2005
Oh, I agree. Until then, do you mind if I tell you what I would have said if I’d been there?

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