the words to describe last night, yum, completely satisfying

as de walked in the door, i was just about to jump in the shower, scared the hell out of me when i heard the front door opening as I was standing naked just outside the shower, we said hi and I jumped in the shower, the hot pounding water hitting just the right spot on my back, i had closed my eyes and was just letting the water pour over me and all of sudden de was in the shower with me…we had had naughty ims about the shower in the past but never had a chance to actually do anything in reality he grabbed my head and started to kiss me deeply passionately, hard and fast then he massaged my arms, legs, back, tits, ass with the soap, complete relaxation, so much better than the shower massager, I could really use him there everyday, part of me thinks I used the soapy suds on him but I was too much into what was happening to me, the feeling of pure relaxation and realizing for the first time, de is a big guy, I don’t know why that dawned on me at that moment but it just popped into my head. He nibble on my tits and fingered my pussy, I wanted to feel him so badly but my shower isn’t made for two tall people……

out of the shower, we dry off, I let the cats in and remember to actually put in the birth control – nows here where I’m thinking I should have just forgot everything and attack the man without drying off, without thinking but my brain doesn’t seem to just relax completely, always thinking of everything I need to do….i have a gorgeous man lying on my bed completely naked and I’m thinking about letting the cats in – where is my head?

I crawl onto his body, kiss him deeply and slide his hard cock into my wet pussy..mmmmmm. I love his facial expressions, he eventually turns me over and pushes deeper and deeper into my pussy, pounding, thrusting, sweat beading upon both of us, pulling me closer and closer to the edge, ohhhhhhhhhmy….sweet release, another position and another and he says “why don’t you taste yourself?” ok I had to ask, just to draw it out of him, “what do you really want?” love his answer, “I really want a blowjob!” could a girl ask for anything more, there is something so sexy about a guy asking for a blowjob and since that is all i could think about since the last time I saw him was to give him a blowjob..mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love his smooth hard cock, wrapping my lips around the shaft, licking and nibbling, I love the way he gently but firmly holds my head and hair….the way he moans while thrusting in and out of my mouth, eventually though I had to stop, I don’t know if it was the cat hair all over the place or my jaw or what, but I needed to stop as much as I wanted to keep going, to feel him come down my throat, I couldn’t but I told him if he was here everyday, I could practice, going a little bit longer each time and practice would make perfect don’t think?

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