so its started with an email the night before, I’m extremely horny and I want to give you a blowjob and an incredibly sexy IM about how hard he was, to be a fly on the wall watching him masturbate, just the thought made me wet. I got on an earlier flight home. missing the first standby then got on the second standby, as I drove home, I called him hoping he was home because what I really wanted was to stop at his house to give him that blowjob, no answer, so home I went. An hour later or so, I got a call it was him. He said he was incredibly tired and he was just going to go home, my thoughts, I had just gotten home and was tired too, no problem, figured I’d see him later this weekend, 10 mins later, got a call back asking which bart station was close to my house and could I pick him up – defintely but what made him change his mind?

fast forward we get back to the house, I finish what I was doing and then…kissing, clothes being pulled off each other, more kissing, feeling each other’s bodies, being lead backwards to the bedroom with his big hand on my neck, something about when he grasps my neck, makes me so turned on…i’m on my back and the look in his eyes like ok I want my blowjob..hell, there was a point to my statement, I wanted to taste me on him and i can’t just do it on command, i need to be completely utterly turned on..and/or it needs to be a spur of the moment for me, like entering his house, kneeling down in front of him, pulling his hard cock out of his pants, stroking and sucking his cock, now thats where that statement came from in the first place, i want to be in control, not him..he didn’t get his blowjob right then and there, i wanted to feel him enter me slowly first, ahhhhhhh, that’s it, my god, that felt good. Flipping me over on my knees and then him on his back, riding him..oooooooooooooo, orgasm, leg shaking, earth shattering orgasm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

then a brief break…he slept for a moment, perfect time to surprise him with that blowjob and I could taste me on him. wet thinking of how his tongue felt in my pussy, he surprised me, bite my clit, licked my ass slighty, his cock tasted so good yet it was hard to concentrate…hard to concentrate right now on this story, so very wet… he pulled me towards him..mmmm, i could taste myself on him, delicious, for a brief moment, i wonder what it would be like to taste another girl, i like the way I taste, so why not? things that flash in my head, in the moment…

then the cutest sexiest look and the words “give me your ass” even puts a smile on my face now, i complied…a few more new interesting positions, another attempt at giving him a blowjob and the events getting a little fuzzy….we slept at some point, actually he slept, I get wired from sex with de, I came back to bed after a while and slept.

We slept in til past noon, got up and I took him home..

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