She can feel his hard cock against her thong, straining to get out but she waits, he has turned the tables on her, this was her fantasy to play with the teacher and he has taken over….

He slowly slides his hands under her top. He wants her top off now. He pulls off her top to expose her scintillating breasts. He palms each breasts and squeezes them urgently.

She closes her eyes and she can feel his cock throbbing wanting release. He is moving ever so slowly, driving her nuts with anticipation. Usually he urgently strips her clothes off but tonight he is taking his time. Is he paying her back for showing up in his class?

He likes to feel the warmth of her pussy, he wants to feel her flesh totally.

Her legs are trembling. He whispers, “you should have known better than to wear a thong tonight.” He likes the thong. He’s being trying to catch a glimpse of it all night, everytime she uncrossed her legs, he was hoping to get a glimpse. He playfully snaps the thong against her ass.

She is slightly trembling, she’s been wanting to feel him in her ass all night. The skirt around her waist is getting uncomfortable, she wants to be completely nude upon his lap. She urgently wants his pants off but she keeps the thought to herself. As on queque, he pulls her skirt over her head, can he read my mind, she thought but he leaves her thong on.

She is sitting almost nude on his lap except for her thong. Again he whispers, a hoarse almost uncontrolled whisper, “raise yourself a little,” she complies and he slides his pants off. His cock now exposed and pushing against the fabric of her thong. He kisses her breasts and can feel her firey pussy burning through her thong.

She is aching with desires, she needs to feel his hard cock in her pussy now, what is he waiting for? Why is he prolonging the game? Her need is strong, she can feel her juices starting to flow, she is aching with desire.

He pulls her thong to one side and position his rock hard cock into her pussy, slowly she raises and slides back down upon his cock.

Oh my, that is what she wanted. She can feel him slide deep into her pussy. She realizes she’s in control at this point, her feet on on the ground. She slides slowly back up and then back down, bringing his hard cock deep inside her.

He’s in ecstasy. His hands are crushing her tits, squeezing her nipples hard just the way she likes it. He leans into her breasts, he takes the opportunity to bite her nipple gently but hard. She cries out and slides deeper on his cock.

Up and down she slides on his cock. He bite her, finally. She loves it when he’s rough with her.

He loves the feeling of the fabric of thong as she slides up and down but they’ve gotta go. He grabs hold of them and rips them off. They snap over their heads and fly into the teacher station. They are sweating, she is riding him harder and faster. He reaches around her and plays with her ass. She starts to moan. His cock is pulsing and throbbing withing her, it feels so smooth going in and out of her. She is so wet and she’s shaking a bit.

He grabs her hair and starts to push back into her, his balls are slapping against her and then all of sudden he pulls her to the floor. The carpet is surprisingly pad but very comfy and firm. He starts pounding her pussy with all his will. She can feeling her orgasm building up, she is breathing heavier now, “don’t stop” she whispers.

He pins her arms above her head and kisses her deeply and passionately. His hands come down and he grasp her head. They are totally engtangled in steaming sweaty animalistic sex.

She doesn’t want him to stop, she feels him lightly bite her neck and his breathing is getting shorter and heavier. She hears him moan, omg, she loves when he moans, there is something so sexy about him when he moans. She is close, he is slamming into her, pushing deeper and faster, her legs are locked around him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. She starts to tremble and wave after wave of an orgasm hits her body.

He slows down and like ocean waves starts to rock on top of her, almost growling as her orgasm hits. He licks the sweat from her brow and then kisses her. Rocking slowly, his tide is cumming, he is close to exploding.

He unexpectedly pulls back out and pulls her towards him. His cock is glistening, he is lightly moaning and she can tells he’s on the verge of exploding. She wraps her lips around his cock, oh my, she can taste herself on him. He grabs her hair. His pre-cum is glistening on the tip.

She licks his cock like candy, exploring the ridges, tasting her sweetness.

His hand guides her head as he slowly moves in and out of her mouth.

She looks up at him and says, “i want to taste you.”

Its exruiating when she stopped. He guides her mouth back down to his hard cock and finally lets go. Oh my god, he hands grip her hair tight, his legs are shaky, he shivers and puse another jet of his cum into her mouth..ohhhhhh mmmmmm..he falls back to the floor with a shudder.

She is so wet now. She licks and sucks him greedily she wants to taste all of him, his hand is wrapped in her hair and she feels him exploding, just as his cum hits the back of her throat. oooooooo, damn he tastes good. She wonders will the next class meeting end like this?

the end..

author’s note: beside being incredibly wet writing this story especially since the teacher himself helped me finish the storyline. I think I need to actually take the class don’t you? It would help me with my research on the teacher fantasy. Anyone have a mac that don’t want anymore? According to the teacher, I need a mac to take his class, can’t imagine why though – because if i need a mac to work on projects – well I know the teacher, couldn’t i just come play with his? 😀

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