He wasn’t expecting her to be in his class, the first day he took attendance, he glanced at her name but it didn’t register until he looked up and saw her. Damn, there she was sitting in the front of the class in a short skirt and high heels and legs up to there. She had a low cut t-shirt on and he knew if he leaned over her, he’d be able to see her breasts as it was he could see her nipples poking through the thin material of her tshirt.

He forever the cool composed professional, didn’t seem like he was aware of her presence, she noticed that he had noticed her but no hint of WTF are you doing in my class look or anything resembling that they knew one another.

He thought to himself, how was he going to handle this? Why was she in the class? He turned his attention to the class in general, going over the class outline, asking the general questions, like why are you here? what do you expect to learn? Getting names and contact information, introducing the required reading materials. When it came to her turn of why she was here, he had to turn his attention to her. He glanced over and saw her shift in her seat exposing her thong just for a moment. His thoughts wandered to that night when they were driving across the bridge, his fingers buried in her pussy, he finger fucked her all the way across the bridge, in and out, in and out, he had her skirt hiked up to her waist as she laid down in the front seat, moaning with ecstasy, thong pushed aside, fingers playing with her clit, she was soaked as her pushed his fingers deeper and deeper inside her pussy. He could feel his cock getting hard and he had choosen this night to go commando, what had he been thinking and what the hell was she saying, he had to concentrate.

She was telling everyone that she had the program but really didn’t know how to use it, she wanted to understand the concept of MIDI again, that she had taken a course in MIDI back in college but she wanted to dive deeper into the subject, learning the ins and outs.

The ins and outs, diving deeper into the subject, yea, he could help her do that. Concentrate, he had to concentrate on the class, not the ins and outs of what he could help her dive deeper into.

She also was saying she wanted to learn how the effects and plugins worked with the program and learning on her own wasn’t cutting it, she needed more instruction on the subject.

He went onto the next student barely listening to what he was saying, he wanted to taste her, damn it, he wanted her right then and there and he couldn’t do anything about it. After everyone had explained why they were taking the course, he dimmed the lights and started a slideshow to show the basic elements of the program. He keep check on her, why was she squirming in her seat? He thought he saw her graze her thigh with her hand, was the light playing tricks on him or did she actually come close to playing with herself?

She was squirming in her seat, she looked up at him with a devilish grin on her face, he looked flustered to her but still in control very composed to the outside world. She could see it in his eyes. She was thinking yum, plugs in, where would those fit and the effects of plugins, oh my, she longed to caress her clit just barely, to feel his tongue in her pussy, to feel his hard cock in her ass and needing more instruction from the instructor himself. She found herself getting incredibly wet just thinking of his instruction tool. How would he use
it? was he getting hard? It was hard to tell in the dimmed lights as he began to show various screenshots of the program on the board.

She nonchalantly rubbed her hand over her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She saw him glance back at her with a look of don’t. She crossed her arms over her breasts like she was cold and using the other hand, once again grazed her breasts, slightly pulled on her nipple.

She had her own show for him. She really didn’t want to make him mad or anything and she really was interested in the class but the added bonus was that he turned her on just by talking, by being himself, by being excited about what he was teaching. And the added bonuses that she had this incredible hot teacher fantasy in her head and here she was in the flesh with the guy who had fingered fucked all the way across the bridge. She was squirming again but only so her thong would ride up her ass without her having to pull it in between her ass checks, making her wetter and wetter. She wanted to feel his fingers in her pussy again. She needed a break – maybe she could find the bathroom and just relieve some of this tension building up inside her, put her fingers in her pussy and rub her clit furiously for a few moments, close her eyes and pretend it was his fingers buried deep in her pussy, make the room seem more vibrant.

Her eyes were closed, was she even listening to him? Where was she?

She opened her eyes and realized they were still in the room, she was listening to him but had been in her own little fantasy. God, she needed a break, she needed air, cool air to bring her back to reality before she started playing with herself right there.

He finally finished with the slideshow, handed out the reading assignment for the week and dismissed the class for the night. Damn, it was early for him to dismiss a class but he couldn’t concentrate on anything but what he was going to do to her on the way home. He realized at some point he could get a ride home tonight.

She rushed from the room, afraid to be the last one left talking to the teacher. She really really needed a cigarette and needed to bring herself back to reality.

Where did she go? Damn, he couldn’t leave, everyone was coming up to him to ask questions. He excused himself for a moment and sent her a text message to wait, he wanted to taste her.

to be continued…

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