continued from part one..he changed the storyline a the last line –
Where did she go? Damn, he couldn’t leave, everyone was coming up to him to ask questions. He excused himself for a moment and sent her a text message to wait, he wanted to taste her

He saw her trying to get out the door and called out, Ms Smd!, wait!, you need to stay after class! He waited until all the other students had left and was scowling at her as they left.The other students looked shocked, they had never seen him angry. W was the last one leaving, he said goodbye, slowly, checking to see if he ackknowledge him. He reply, eyes still locked on her, “Goodbye, W.” W finally disappeared, and he heard the reverberant slam of the outer door close.

She wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. She knew she had crossed a line coming into his class and he was totally cool until now. She started to get angry. She wonder how he could suddenly become such a cold jerk after nights of passion and mind altering sex…

But then his scowl starts to turn, slowly into a wicked crooked grin. “You’ve come into this class and distracted me, Ms Smd” He’s twirling a pen in his right hand and she is standing, he’s reclined in the teacher’s station, the computer is booting down.

She realizes that she is under the air conditioner, and it feels good. She starts to relax and tilts her head back to capture more of the cool air coming down from the vent in the ceiling. She closes her eyes as the cool area beats down on her nipples. She starts to speak, wanting to challenge him into movement. She hears nothing from him, she wonders is he still pissed? Then she jumps. His voice is in her ear, he had gotten up when she least expected it and now his tongue is flickering in her ear.

He reaches around her neck, grabs her hair and tugs lightly on it. He lightly bites her neck. He shoves one of the station computers asides and put her on the table gently. He spreads her legs and walks in between them. He starts to kiss her and his open palm is playing with her hair, cupping her head delicately, massaging her scalp.

Her eyes are closed, his left hand is on her collarbone, she can feel his thumb on her neck. His pants are bulging from his hard cock pining to get through the fabic. She feels his hand wandering down to her breast, teasing it through her light shirt. She is so wet, she can feel her juices starting to flow. And then he’s gone. WTF? She opens her eyes and he has moved to over to the teacher’s chair and he’s staring at her.

He’s chewing on the end of his pen, lounging in the chair, watching her, watching her warm flesh and pink face. “Come sit on my lap,” he tells her. He wants her to feel what is happening to his cock. He wants to feel her weight on him. He needs her to sit on his lap and spread her legs wide open. He’s tempted to throw his pants off but he waits.

She stands there staring at him.

He almost begs her, “come here, please.”

She slowly moves to where he is sitting, raises her skirt and sits down on his lap, getting comfortable, teasing him. She is so hot and wet now, she wants to feel his fingers on her clit, wants to feel his teeth bite her nipples.

He’s glad that this particular chair has no arms and the back is adjustable, he want her legs wrapped around him. The chair is back just a little bit. Her pussy is warm and wet and he can feel it through her clothes.

She can feel his hard cock pressing against her thong, straining to get out of his pants but she waits, he has turned the tables on her, this was her fantasy to play with the teacher and he has taken over….

to be continued…

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