just when I thought it was safe to start blogging back at indecent, the site is down again..so I’m back here again….

wow, Q looked awesome today. She has the most goregous blue eyes and that top she was wearing today – I doubt she has any ideas I’m trying to take a peak…so I finally said it aloud to de – I’m defintely bi-curious, although I’m not sure I could ever go through with it…but Q is so cute and definetly my type…yep, bi-curious, because some women do turn me on….

now de – damn – i want more, a couple of kisses and a hug, why was I thinking i could just kiss him and walk away without being horny as hell. I hope he’s having a hard time concentrating right now because I am. We finally went out to a bar, had a drink, it was a short short date drink thing, but at least we went out together..although I think I talked to much about me and my clients and didn’t really relax until i was leaving..why do I have such a hard time talking to him in person? I really really wanted to ask him what he thought a relationship was? I really want to feel his hand slide down my back towards my ass, just a tease..why didn’t i just tell him that? I probably should have asked him more about himself..than talk about me..things I think about after the fact..shaking head, need to just relax..geez….

so after seeing his studio..damn, I shouldn’t have given up my dream of becoming a recording engineer – why did I stop? I really love those classes and being in a studio again, brought back so many memories of my original goals..i love music! I really really want to take his class now! I want to get back into the whole thing..why did I stop – I know that primarily I felt intimated and felt that I couldn’t wiggle my way into the field of mainly men..but I’m different now, stronger now, older now, at least I could start playing again.

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  1. isis is my anon name. I didn’t want to associated this blog with my other normal blog where my real name is displayed 🙂

  2. ib is up and running again -well not limping – just back from vacation and glad. keep on blogging!

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