your lying on your back, a light breeze blowing across your body as I straddle you, feeling your hot hard cock gently push into my pussy. Your big hands wrapped around my neck, I love the way that feels, the pressure of your hands, your fingers on my collarbone, as I move up and down upon your cock. One hand moves to squeeze my tit, hard. Softly the breeze blows between us, causing me to shiver, as my orgasm builds. Up and down, slowly, building a release, up and down i move squeezing your cock between my pussy walls. Your hands never leaving my neck or my tits, oh my, the way that feels, I trust you completely. Up and down I slowly ride you, my orgasm is building and building, I watch your face, look deep into your eyes, smiling. Every time I come up, i feel your cock against my clit, I can’t take it anymore, ooooooo, I can feel myself pulsating, I start to ride you harder and harder, you start to pump me from underneath, your fingers twisting and pinching my nipples, i collapse upon you as my orgasm erupts shaking me to the core. You no longer can handle it, you flip me over and start pumping me harder and deeper, with a moan, you release filling me up. We collapse upon the bed, sweating, panting, completely relaxed
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expei – August 07th, 2005

ladyluck0225 – August 08th, 2005

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