It was a warm summer day, she had on a almost sheer blouse with a vivid blue sheer tank underneath, her long blond hair pulled back into a pony tail, her long long legs encased in nothing but skin tight lower rider mini. She was driving down 280 on the way home from a meeting that late afternoon in her new bullet roadster. It was the newest and latest two seater roadster, it was shaped like a bullet with an open air top yet had a powerful twin engine and hers was a painted a glimmering cherry red black. She looked down at the gauge and realized she needed gas, she pulled off at the next exit looking for a gas station, she found one but the men were rude to her and wouldn’t explain how to pump the gas from their old fashioned pump. Pissed off throwing her wallet into the seat, she got into her car and spotted another more known gas station to her left, as she pulled into the gas station it started to rain, not drizzle but thundering pounding rain like the sky opened upon her and down poured. She wasn’t prepared for the rain, she hadn’t ever put the top for her roadster on and hadn’t the slightest clue on how to do it, she didn’t have a jacket with her and she was getting soaked. Her sheer blouse was clinging to her skin and the tank did nothing to stop the water from reaching her now hard nipples. She pulled into the gas station and at the least the overhang was protecting her from the downpour for the moment. She reached for her wallet and couldn’t find the credit card. Shit did it fall out or something, now she was going to have to deal with that when she got home. She looked up and saw a pack of roadsters coming towards her, pulling into to get gas. As one pulled in behind her, she found her credit card after leaning in and searching under her seat at a weird angle with her ass in the air. She stood up and he was gorgeous, long blond hair, a small goatee, piercing blue eyes, she went and put her credit card in the machine and started to pump her gas, nonchalantly like nothing was wrong. Her pussy ached with desire.

Kevin pulled into the gas station protected by the overhang, he didn’t need gas but he needed to get the top on the roadster as him and his dad and brothers still had a little ways to go before reaching the camp. He looked up and oh my, there she was standing there soaked from head to toe, he could see the outline of her breasts through her sheer blouse. She turned around slightly and he glimpse her ass, he wanted to run his hands across her body. His cock started to stir. She looked confused, did she need help? He got the top of his roadster on and walked over to her, she had just finished putting the nozzle back into the pump.

“do you need any help?” he asked. She looked at him and thought, god yes, can you fuck me here and now but instead she said, “I need help getting the top on.” He wanted to take her top off, caress her nipples with his tongue. Together, they reached over and undid the latches holding the top in the back compartment and lift the hard top onto the top, he leaned against her as the snapped the latches into place, closing the compartment. He sat down in her seat and started to make sure everything was secure.

She tripped and fell into his lap, “oops.” She felt his hard cock against her ass. She wiggled around a little and started to get up from his lap, when his hands reached around and pulled her back, his hot breath upon her neck, “you can’t drive like this, you’re soaked, how far do you have to go?” She answered him, “a few hours before I get home.” He told her, “come to the camp with us and you can dry you’re clothes overnight, I want to taste you,” as his hands reached her nipples and caress them lightly. “ok,but where is camp?” she said.
He told her to hold on, that he was going to go tell his dad and have one of his brothers drive his car and he would come with her.

She was wet in more places than on, her pussy was aching with want and a deepening need to fill his fingers, his cock, his tongue. She didn’t know him but felt like she had known him forever. He had told her his name was Kevin, he lived not far from her, his dad and brothers went to this camp thing every year and that he was 27.

He came back said everything was cool. As they got back into the roadster, him driving and her behind him, she had never sat in the back of the roadster and found that her legs were a little too long to sit comfortably, so she stretched them out on either sides of the front seat, her mini riding up to her hips. She instinctively let her fingers wander down to her clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. She silently played with herself behind him not realizing he had angled the mirror so he could watch while driving.

Kevin watched as she grabbed both her tits in her hands and pinched her nipples with her thumbs, pulling on them, he moved the mirror slightly down and saw her finger slide into her pussy, he caressed one of her legs, feeling her shiver, she pulled her finger from her pussy and licked her fingers, “can I taste?” he asked. She smiled at him, dipped her finger back into her pussy, pulled it out, leaned forward against his back, nuzzled his neck and put her finger in his mouth, he sucked hungrily, greedily and guided her other hand to his cock. She swiftly undid his pants and pulled out his hard hot cock, she started to stroke him and it was almost more than he could take.

The rain was still pounding upon the world but he couldn’t wait til he got to the camp, he wanted her now, right now, damn she tasted good, he wanted to feel her lips upon his cock, now. He pulled off the freeway, down a dark deserted exit, stopped the engine, open the door and got out, she pulled him back towards her and put her lips on his cock. She sucked hungrily and greedily and he stopped her, he knew he couldn’t hold it much longer and he wanted to taste her. He dropped to his knees in the mud, yanked her gstring which broke and stuck his tongue in her pussy, his fingers in her ass. She cried out, pulling his head between her legs. Her long long legs wrapped around his neck, sticking out of the car in the rain. He fucked her with his mouth til she left out a moan then a scream into the dark night and shudder with an orgasm. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold it. He pulled her up and pushed her against the car and entered her pussy, pounding it hard and fast. He let out a moan and came deep into her pussy.

They were both soaked and muddy wrapped in each other arms with the rain pounding over their bodies, grinning from ear to ear as they entered the camp….

to be continued, the dream isn’t over but author is completely soaked and needs to go clean up

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