I read something over at indecent (which is back up but honestly who knows for how long this time) that someone was upset about the community that is flocking away from indecent because of a little problem of the site going down. Unable to get to indecent, getting hit with adware and pop up windows when trying to get to indecent which then said the domain expired and potentially losing all my work and thoughts for the last 6 months is more than just a little problem. Domain names expire but usually the owner of the domain is forewarned that their domain is expiring and given a chance to renew it and I understand people get busy and indecent is a free blogging platform but still what happened? There has been no explanation on what the hell happened.

I don’t know, I do like the sense of community at indecent but I’d like to have a little more options with my blogs – the ability to post pictures, backup features would be really nice, a domain/blog that didn’t go down then again, I don’t know – maybe I’ll stay there and just mirror my blog here or maybe its time to move on.

Another reason I was thinking about moving on..is that smdesires is not as closely related to my other blog and therefore my company..

I’ll make a decision this weekend..

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