new sexier design

new design is up and running, have a small problem with comments but at least you can post them now and the counter is up and running..troubleshooting more tommorrow, unless anyone has any ideas now seem to be having an issue with the permalink/link to comments within the same window, temporary fix in place

archives coming soon..i just realized I could change the date and time of a post, cool, now I can setup the archives

3 Responses to “new sexier design”

  1. expei says:

    very nice – i like it and it conveys sexy and magic -well done

  2. dirtyboy says:

    welcome to blogspot – I think you made the right decision, and you could always keep posting in both places – and love the new design!

    roger x

  3. Richard says:

    I love the new design. I will keep up with your new blog. (boredsenior at IB)

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