I got this out of the blue email today from someone I went out with once…soooo soooo long ago, way before I met de. I remember we met on match.com, we went out for dinner and a movie, we talked for awhile after the movie as we walked near the water and then he freaked or something and I never really heard from him again except once, he found my other blog and left a message saying he freaked a little, he was a jerk and he was sorry and then never heard from him again…and today I got this message from him:

any holiday plans? one day one night, just an offer before i leave. nothing more nothing less

which is odd, I guess he keeps track, reads the blog every once in a while and now why all of the sudden does he email? got me.

so, I wrote him back, sure why the hell not? Lets go out one night, nothing more nothing less.

Here’s the killer part – I have no idea what he looks like and I think he’s 30 now but I’m not even positive on that. When we met the first time he was 27..so 3 years later, he’s gotta be 30 at least by now I think unless it been 4 or 5 years since I’ve seen him last *shrug* I have no idea. Ok so if he write back and was serious, I might have a date this weekend, if not, life goes on and its not like I’ve even thought of him in the last 3 years or so..quite funny, really.

i don’t get guys at all 😀

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expei – November 24th, 2005
but he has caught your attention

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