i can’t stop thinking about you, are you mad at me? I know I’d be if I were in your shoes, I might not return the calls or emails either but let me tell you what I wanted to do to you last night and maybe it will bring you round to giving me another chance.

I wanted to watch your smile while you talked about your passions, I wanted to lose myself in your eyes while thinking about how much I wanted to kiss those soft lips. I wanted to listen while thinking I wanted to talk you home to my place, my queen size soft bed. I wanted to play with your hard cock again and this time lets you slide into me. I wanted to taste you again, lick and swallow your hard cock. I wanted to ride you all night long, up and down, slow, faster and faster again and again. I wanted to play with you. I am so horny thinking about your hard cock sliding into my wet pussy.

so do I call again or just let it be?

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