1. How long can you go without masturbating?
2. Do your emotions get caught up with your playmates? Women this is more of a question for you but men are more than welcome to answer also 🙂 In more specific terms, if you were having sex with a guy on a regular basis, can you keep your emotions out of the picture or do you’re emotions play a part? And if you know its sex only, do you still have the desire for something more?
3. Do you or have you just gone out to just pick up someone for the night to have sex only without any emotions involved?
4. Women: 2 guys come into a room, one is average and one is gorgeous, who do you choose? (i’d post pictures but i don’t think they’d like it)
5. Men: 2 women come into a room, one is drop dead victoria secret model and one is just an average sexy woman – who do you choose?

3 Replies to “SMDesires Poll”

  1. 1. a few hours -never more than a day.
    2.emotions dod come into play.
    3. tried but turned out to be more than once and then emotions arrived.
    5. would depend on the eyes. after all looks don’t make for brains necessarily.

  2. 1. Can’t go more than a day.
    2. Honestly, I’ve never had sex without the emotions being there first.
    3. No, have never done that.
    5. Honestly, probably the average sexy girl. When you say VS model, I immediately think skinny. I prefer curvy women with sexy, down-to-earth personalities. I think there can be such a thing as too gorgeous, and I don’t think I would want someone like that. Sure I’d love to see Tyra Banks naked, but I seriously doubt I could be married to her.

  3. 1. I masturbate daily – usually twice daily, more if I’m indulging in phonesex over skype or cyber.
    2. I do tend to get emotionally attached, yes.
    3. I haven’t gone out with that intention, no, though it has happened to me from time to time.
    5. almost certainly the average sexy woman.

    Hope that helps!

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