its not quite red, more like cherry-burgundy blonde but it works for me and its delicious. I love the new cut too, I cut off about 3 inches and it looks soon.

goth boy stood me up again, I should just know better..soo no sexy happening here but I’m a cherry blonde

orignal comments:
expei – January 09th, 2006
it will cum

somethingwickedcomes – January 09th, 2006
Pictures. Yes. I love readheads!

TheChef – January 09th, 2006
So do you taste like cherry now too?

Or are you more strawberry?

Stop wasting your time with that dude. Relax, all will come in due time. It’s when you’re not looking that’s when you’ll be swept away.

farfromgrace – January 09th, 2006
glad you joined the redhead club, i am currently red myself. *wink* i am thinking about the next color….

sm – January 10th, 2006
hmm, do I taste like cherry? sure why not, I have cherry lube around here somewhere

as for the dude, I didn’t go chasing after him, he can after me..he emailed me though and said he was sorry, last minute out of town thingy and maybe some news after tommorrow night..all I want is sex!!!

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