BC – thank you, you are beautiful 🙂

as far as the mystic muddle goes..i think its still there..


and then I dropped my laptop, it just slide right out of my hand and now the screen is all funky and no I didn’t have a backup because I was about to do the backup but the battery was dying, so I went to plug it in and it fell (although I can still get to data on the laptop over the network, so me thinks it might just be the screen)

my thoughts on the mystic muddle…I think I need to get laid!!! And according to other reading, my mystic muddle should clear up on Feb 1st, BC..thoughts??

who knew changing my hair color to cherry blonde would get me more noticed???? damn if I’d known that, I might have changed my hair color, years ago but then again maybe its just all part of this mystic muddle path that I must take

original comments:
beautifullychaotic – January 28th, 2006
When interests and opinions start clashing you will need to bring it all together and then the process of harmony shall begin. Certain conflicts are causing your heart to take longer and personally I don’t see it happening quite as quickly as you want hon.

Try and look past the what is bothering you now to see the real underlying problem! Stability, support and tranquility are soon to touch your heart but without viewing this first, face on, this could slow things down. Strength and balance are strong within you, use it! If you have thought about re-setting your standards lately maybe it is time to give in and then your self esteem shall higher it’s level xxxxx Hugs hon be patient.

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