every once in a while you meet someone that is just like you, that one person that could complete your soul, that no matter which direction your lives take you, you always end up on the same path back where you started, talking and talking for hours, realizing that there was a reason that you liked each other in the first place, what started this journey to discovering one another, that unfolding of the rose, seeing the beautiful petals within

if only they wouldn’t fucking freak out everytime you start to get close

goth boy has once again disappeared out of my life, next time maybe he’ll be a little more grown up and I might get a another tiny glimpse into his life and yet again, I am disappointed yet calm that because of how much we seemed to be alike and how much are lives are exactly the same – have taken the same paths the last three years that in three more years, we may meet again.

on the other hand, I’m so fucking tired that everything is making me irritable and I’m crying out of sheer exhaustion. I have so much work and don’t even know where to begin except that I need sleep and some time off.

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  1. Original Comments:
    expei – January 21st, 2006
    yes it is true – why do they freak out mmm

    lookin4fun – January 21st, 2006
    Persevere…. It’ll be worth it when the freaking out stops. Such is life

    TheChef – January 21st, 2006
    ONce, Twice, Three times a loser…..

    Cut the Goth loose, you seem to be holding on to some fantasy of him instead of the reality of him blowing you off at a moments notice. You are sooooo much better than that.

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