this month just sucks..i can’t figure out what in the cosmos is fucking with me..

first week of the month – i almost lose it with a client and think to myself why am i doing this type of work – I can’t stand it

2nd week – bad news from hell and then waiting and waiting and waiting for a result

3rd week – still waiting for that damn result

3rd week – get the result – good news

this week – hard drive crashes on my main computer – where all my data is stored (no I don’t have a backup) and now I have to wait another week to see if the data can be recovered..thank god, I have my laptop but that’s my life on that hard drive, my memories, my loves, my backups, my $$, my clients, my company, OMG, its my fucking life.

could it get any worse?? what did I do to piss someone off up there?

good things that happened:
good news on result

added three more clients (although their data is on that hard drive too)

time to take a painkiller and sleep – forget about it all for a little while

so on that note..if you’ve emailed me before and/or I had your email address, forward it to me again because its currently lost on that crashed hard drive..BC…that means you

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