I have these friends and they will always be friends but we’re not close, I haven’t seen most of them for at least 4 years or so and pretty much by choice – I grew up, they didn’t, they still party, get drunk and still are stuck in their 20s when most of them are closer to their 40s and last night made me realize why I don’t hang out with them, they are boring and I’m not part of that group anymore. I dated someone a long time ago that was part of the whole group and I outgrew them, I think my personal trainer probably knows more about me than these people and again by choice, I probably won’t see them again for a very long time – we’re not the same anymore. Anyways, I actually left after about 2 hours and came home and cleaned my house – anyone that really knows me, knows I don’t clean all that often and tells you how much I just didn’t want to be with those people 😀

Other news..i saw a really cute guy yesterday and he smiled back..but I had to go 🙁 maybe I’ll see him again

And I told someone about this blog that I know in everyday life, not sure if that was the best idea but I trust him to keep it to himself because he’s about to learn a hell of lot more about me than he knew.

still no sex on this front..although new dream story coming soon

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