Your long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail while you work completely turns me on. I watch you while you try and get the bar/tattoo/massage stations set up. I watch you as you struggle to make you dreams come true and while I watch I work with a smile on my face. You have completely turn this old warehouse into something cool with the privacy rooms for the tattoos and massages and this breakfast/old time bar down the side. You have total electronic geekiness to you yet you are so down to earth, I am so lucky to have found you especially since I wasn’t looking for you.

You pissed me off the other day, demanding this and that when I had taken time off work to help you and you completely made up for it

You called me on the cell phone which I thought was weird because you were only 10ft away and I snapped at you, you told me to look at the stairs that the blond by the door would cover us for 15 minutes. I asked you what Kevin was doing here, “he’ll cover us babe, I’m sorry”

You walked down the stairs and came over to me, pulled me close and kissed me passionately in front of everyone. You took everything out of my hands and put them down on the counter and lightly guided me towards the back. “Babe, close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” I was in no mood for surprises, you pissed me off. You saw the look in my eyes, I was still pissed off. “Please, close your eyes.” That look, it melts me everytime no matter what. I closed my eyes while you gently put your big hand on the small of my back and guided me into a dark room, I could smell incense burning and hearing the steam hissing from the hot tub. I was thinking what are you up to, we only have 15 minutes.

You lean up against me and kiss my neck. My eyes are still closed and i have no idea what you’re up too. You lift my arms up and pull off my shirt, “keep your eyes closed.” You turn me around and push me up against the wall, I can feel you throbbing against me. I want to open my eyes and look deep into your soul. You lean down and unbutton my jeans, sliding them down and my panties down to my ankles, you lean in and whisper right against my clit, licking slightly before roaming your tongue back up my body, kissing me softly everywhere. Ok now I want you, I’m not longer pissed just in heaven, what are you up to?

You turn me around and gently push me forward, “babe, lean forward, there is a table right in front of you” You guide my hands to a the table and kiss slowly down my back, down my ass and then I feel you, all of you guiding yourself into me and I sigh, I can’t help but opening my eyes. I want to kiss you and then I notice all of the rose petals scattered around the room, the soft light flickering from the tub and then oh my, you start to play with my clit, your finger is circling around and around, faster and faster as you pump in and out, all of your weigh is against me, its a slow passionate build up and i’m almost there, you reach around and grab my neck and yea, that has pushed me over the edge, my legs are shaking, and I’m omg i exploded, I feel you withdraw throbbing slighty, you gently pick up me and lay me down on the table. I feel you climb up and enter me again, you lips upon my lips and another wave has hit, I want you deep, i pull you closer with my legs, i grab your ass and pull you in deeper, “faster babe, please harder, deeper, don’t stop” You start to pump furiously, your hands are around my neck and your tongue is deep within my mouth, then I hear you gasp and release and we cum together. You fall against me and we both fall asleep or so I thought. You let me sleep and I awake to you looking at me. “I love you” I start to speak and you put your finger on my lips, “let me finish. I love you and I want you to be my best friend, my lover and my wife forever, will you marry me?” Omg, did he just ask me to marry him. Oh god, yes, yes, yes. Oh wait, I need to say that aloud “YES, I’ll marry you!” You kiss me deeply and passionately and hold me in your arms. Omg, I get to marry you, this gorgeous blond tattoo’d man of mine. You want me forever.

Who are you in my dreams? Where are you?

…skip forever a few nights….
I dreamt of us again, we have a kid, a beautiful blond boy with long hair running amuck through the warehouse playing in every kids delight free to be who he is, a toddler learning how to run

…another night…
I dream that you are a recovering alcoholic which is why the old time bar is for coffee and old fashion ice cream sodas

…each night I get a glimpse of you and yet I don’t know who you are just yet, do I get to know or do I just keep dreaming of you til the time is right? only time will tell

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