I’m not much for posting IM conversations – but this one was good

anticipation makes the heart grow fonder
Anticipation and frustration are 2 sides of the same coin.
i have suggestions for the frustrations
imagine we’re sitting in your car, i lean over and kiss you deeply while unbuttoning your pants, i take your hard cock out and lightly lick the head, then down the sides, back up….then take you completely inside my mouth and now i’m wet your fingers are running through my hair guiding me gently. go to lunch, play with yourself and imagine me licking and savoring you
oh my gawd. x and x were in my cube the whole time you were sending me those messages. Everytime I heard a “briiing!” blood left my face and ran to my penis. and y;know,,, I like to finger along while receiving a BJ. I love playing with pussy.
that was the second half of the image. go to lunch, take a little longer and play with yourself, close your eyes and imagine i’m right there
O, then. I’ll be at home i 15 minutes…….
because i’m sitting here playing with my very wet, very swollen pussy

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