just one bite isn’t enough or is it
the lines have become blurred between blogs and now i’m becoming one, one being, one place, one space
if you know me, you know there are many facets to my life.
read between the lines
i am the sexy witch,
the sexy magick
the desires of us all
the first bite is it enough?
or do you want more, more deep down inside
the creative being
the delicous organic wonderous feeling
of the moment
the hug, the ooooooo so wonderous hug
of finally feeling him in your arms
the birth of all fantasies
the reference point of feeling
and knowing he knows who you are
does he see beyond the girl in the office
and know that she is so much more than what he sees
does he have some desire beneath
the smile?

and if he didn’t have a girlfriend, what are the chances
that i could feel his body against mine, to feel his lips upon mine
to feel his hands roam over mine
would it be possible?

did i drink too much tonight, did I spill the beans on too much gossip?
I like him, I want him, I want his touch
I want to feel more than a hug
I want to feel him deep deep inside me
I want to see his smile upon waking
I want his touch, i want him

and the question reminds, should I just tell him?

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  1. I love the post. You need to call him. LIfe is too short to be without someone that you can love.

    ~ Logical Man
    aka: Logical

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