i realized something the other day, I’ve been neglecting this part of me, whether or not I’m with someone, I can write a good erotic story and for some reason, I pushed this part of me not away just forgotten for awhile and I need to embrace my sexy side and start writing again and being artistic – the whole point of starting my own business was to have time to be creative and free from the expected norm and I lost her somewhere along the way..she’s coming back soon, now if only I could dream that would help.

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  1. I am very excited about this. Maybe I can help you with a start? See what you can do with this:

    He seemed to do it so casually, so effortlessly; the light glinted off of his eyes while we danced in the pale moonlight and stopped my heart.

    I dunno — maybe work with it a little — see if you can come up with something!

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