well since I’m in the tease mode – I sent a riddle

displacing moisture
as raindrops on a petal
beckon forth
the mysterious protection
of the pentrating action
sliding in and out
the shaft
of the bolt
the grooves
as it cleans
the roughness
from the grinding
of the machine

on one level – its really can be quite innocent, it really is an everyday household object

on another level – well, if you have a dirty mind, then it could possibly be quite erotic (which btw is what I was going for in my tease mode)

and then there is the fact i have access to his email (being an IT administrator has its advantages sometimes..lol) and on many levels I thought to myself, I should probably have sent this to his myspace email or something and not the work address but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have found the response

the response so far: he forwarded it to another co-worker with this question
Does this seem wierd to you? (which tells me maybe he’s not old enough to grasp it)

the response from the co-worker: in so many different ways I dont even know where to start. does xxxx send strangly erotic riddles often? which tells me, he gets it and I actually have a slight more respect from him

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