and keagen was born out the ashes from a thundering red mist, his manhood behold for all to see. She stared in awe as this man wanting to touch him but daring not to speak as to not disturb the dream, if she awoke now, he’d be gone………… oh god, that was too romance type of writing, not me. note to self…we need more erotica….

and so keagen was born out the ashes of her guilty conscience……..

writer note, i realized I stop thinking in an erotic way, its been a long long time since this girl has had sex and I stop thinking sensually and I realized if I open my eyes anything can be erotic depending on the words that flow from my head. I enjoy writing and I need to start opening my mind and my head and my heart and let the magick flow… and so keagen is born and let see where my wandering words may lead us..

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