They had originally met online through her indecent blog, she thought he was cute and interesting, they had online sex and talked dirty to each other but there was a catch, he lived in another state and he was married, she wasn’t going to go there with him and she wasn’t his moral police either, if he was trolling blogs looking for online sex, she was up for it, he was cute and had a great sense of humor. They were friends, online friends for many years talking about anything and her boyfriends and why men were they way they were until one day her business took her to his hometown and they met for the first time, he was indeed very cute and it wasn’t awkward. She wasn’t sure if it would be, they had only talked online and never really that much on the phone but it wasn’t, it was liking seeing an old friend that she didn’t see that often. Actually it was much easier than hanging out with her ex-finance and his wife but that’s another story to be told or forget completely. She had had fantasies about him and he wasn’t a let down. They met at a local AppleBees, she ordered cheese fries and a strong drink, tough day and he ordered a chocolate milkshake. They talked and hung out for a little while and then he walked her back to her car and they hugged. She wanted to kiss him but wasn’t sure.

That night back at her hotel room, thoughts running through her head, she could have kicked herself, she was horny and wanted to feel his lips upon hers, feel his hands upon her body and feel his hard cock slide into her wet pussy and damn, she let the thought go, she fucked up, she should have kissed him and why the hell didn’t he kiss her?

Then she turned on the TV and was flipping through channels to distract her mind from his eyes, his lips, his voice, his funny antedotes anything to try and bore her to go to sleep, she had an early day tommorrow.

As she was flipping around she found the free playboy channel and her mind was racing, if he couldn’t be there, she could watch and pretend he was there. She slowly took off her clothes, imagining him there watching, she eased back on the bed, slightly spread her lips and started to play with her clit imaging his fingers twirling against her clit, his hot breath upon her neck, her breasts, inching down to her belly button, down further until his lips and mouth were upon her pussy, his tongue slowly dancing against her wet pussy.

to be continued tommorrow………..

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