thought I’d try to be consistent and at least post this here too, too many blogs to keep up

now why would he ask me about a CAD folder? I know nothing about CAD files or folders, that’s E’s domain not mine. I never venture into those folders besides I have no idea what’s on them, I can’t tell you a tree from a bush in

All I know is that he smelled really really good. I wasn’t a complete space, I did realize how close to me he was and if all he was interested in was to find his missing folder, then he didn’t need to be so close that I could have nuzzle my head against his shoulder (which I should have in retrospect). Damn he did smell good!

Besides I think he knew where he put it, he’s smart, he could have easily moved the folder, run a search and then asked for help finding his missing folder.

update to this one, I called the office today to talk to someone else and as soon as I realized it was him on the phone, all thoughts went out of my head, I stammered and couldn’t remembered why I had called in the first place – lol

sexy mojo is coming back slowly

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