Avon and I’m not referring to the makeup, just a little history lesson

avon comes from the word afen or afon meaning river; its a Brythonic/Celtic word meaning river
I could dive deeper into this subject but this is an erotic blog, so I’ll keep short and simple. It was just on my mind and thought I’d get it out there for someone.

so much for trying to get him out of my head today..lol but I swear sometimes it like I’m dealing with two different people. The one that is here working is quiet, shy, does his job and feels like he is afraid to look at me. The other one who is cocky and funny and someone I’d like to get to know a hell of lot better only comes out when we’re texting or im’ing. I swear you’d think he was a gemini or something but I know he’s not. If I could figure out how to get the cute, cocky, funny guy into the live person I’d be set. Its amazing how wet he makes me, just the thought of his gorgeous blue eyes or his smile – when he does smile or his ass – ok, so that’s a little odd for me, not normally a girl that looks at a guy’s ass – but this one, yea, it turns me on. Great mental image without the boxers. Gotta go, I’m trying to get him off my mind today so I can focus and work – yesterday was shot, after he left, I went out and had more to drink and caught up with old friends, came home feel asleep and had this amazing dream…which is cumlating into a story soon…it will be the first story up on the new site very soon.

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