Interesting Halloween Party..I dressed up as a gothic archangel and no one knew who I was, when they realized, everyone said it was a good look for me, that I looked hot and sexy.

The party was at one of my client’s house and it was a great party except that Z and S started hitting on me at a certain point.

Now don’t get me wrong, both are hot and in all honesty, I wouldn’t mine having S lick my pussy, I’d love to play with her but no way in hell do I want to incur the wrath of her girlfriend, who happens to be another client of mine and someone I like, plus she’s a big women. And many of times, I’ve fantasized about touching her but nothing will ever come of it.

And Z, if he wasn’t married, I’d love to feel him in my ass, grab his ass and pull him deep into me or suck his hard cock but he’s married and apparently bi-sexual as he told me in detail how he likes to have a hard cock in his ass. So that explains why all of his friends are gay, it was like one of those ah-ha moments when the light bulb goes off but he also likes pussy and he would to fuck me. He thinks his wife is too skinny and he likes women with a little extra padding, so one like myself might asked, why did he marry her? He’s told me before that he really doesn’t like sex with her, she’s not adventurous enough. I’m confused on that point. Besides those mysterious questions, he came up to me at one point and kissed my chest, then started pawing me and kept trying to kiss me, I kept having to tell him no and pushing him away. Now thinking about it, if he had pulled me into a closet or into the bathroom, I might have gone for it but his wife was in the house. And if he pulled me into a hidden room in the office, damn he could definetly get on his knees and bite me.

Z told me I should work S, that she was interested. Oh god, how did that happened? And I had no idea that he was interested, he’s totally cool. I wasn’t drunk, they were. Z apologized today for everything which tells me that he remembers what he said, I mean if he didn’t what did he apologize for.

Anyways, I have a huge grin on my face, its not like it unusual for Z to hit on me, he’s done it before. I just never knew in detail what he’d like to do to my body and he’s never touched me like he did that night. He also told me about the power exchange, interesting, might go check that out.

Although, I’ve got to say, when I ask my friends to go with me to a party, would somebody please go with me!! At least when I give you a look that says HELP ME, you’d understand it.

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