I don’t intentionally go after guys are in relationship (girlfriend, finance or wife) – normally these guys are off limits however the flip side to that is if he comes on to me and doesn’t tell me he has a girlfriend or a finance or a wife(whichever the case may be) until I ask because he’s acting so weird or doesn’t act upon his desires, then yea, I might pursuit him or at least play with him a little..

Do I feel bad or guilty about potentiallly damaging his relationship? Or guilty playing with a guy that’s in a relationship. No, not at all. He’s the one potentially damaging his relationship. He needs to ask himself, is he completely 100% happy in the relationship? And then ask himself, if he was out there flirting with me (as in this case) and wanting/desiring to do more then there is already something wrong in his relationship. I’m not the cause, I just happened to be the one he likes/wants to play with. And why the hell would I stop him? (as in this case, he instantly turns me on, like I’m soaking wet turned on).

Would I feel bad about hurting these two people in a relationship? Yes and no, if I cared about the guy – I wouldn’t want to hurt him (I could make him feel a whole lot better). But her, I don’t know her, I have no feelings toward her.

Would I want to date this person that potentially wants to damage his relationship or already has cheated on her? Maybe, in this case, like I said before I’m instantly turned on by him. I like him as a person, he’s smart, creative and hot and we like alot of the same things sexually, if he was single, yea, I’d definetly want to date him. But that’s not always the case, there were a couple of ones few years ago, I didn’t want to date them, we’re still friends but I had no desire to date or be with them. In general, no, why would I want to date a guy that cheats on his girlfriend, he’d probably cheat on me too.

I seem to be drawn to smart, creative, hot, young unavailable guys (many of which never tell me they have girlfriends until I ask) I figure one day, one of them is bound to be single again, maybe I’ll get lucky..lol I know what I like, I know what turns me on, I know the kind of person I want to be with.

Have I ever been cheated on? Yes and it broke my heart into little bitty pieces and it took me a long time to get over him. But it wasn’t working between us and it hadn’t been for a long time even though we kept trying. She wasn’t the problem, something between us was and it took me a long time to realize that. She wasn’t to blame. I don’t think he was really to blame either – I couldn’t say that before now but it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it just wasn’t working. I honestly have to say if he was single again – I’d go for him a heartbeat – at least to play, we were good at that. (but alas he’s getting married to her and I’m happy for him – he’s off-limits – so sometimes is works out, sometimes it doesn’t)

Curiosity killed the cat. One thing I’m always curious about though is that other person in the relationship (1) is she a cute little blond? (2) how old is she? And you ask why do I want to know how old she is because I’ve learned something as I’ve gotten older, when we’re young and in our 20s (at least for me and a few women I’ve asked) we’re not as experienced sexually. We grew up thinking things were taboo and many women never outgrow that thinking – then again they won’t be reading this blog either because its not a good thing. Or maybe some of us are more naturally inclined to be open about our bodies and what makes us feel good, as we mature we gather more knowledge and we learn to new ways to satisfy our men. And now you’re probably wondering why i wonder if she’s a cute little blond, because I like cute little blonds – turns me on.

Does that make me a bitch? I don’t think so, if you know me, you know I’m not. If you know me, you know I care about my friends and I would never hurt them intentionally.

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