original story written on August 21-30th, 2005

I think I need to finish this story – there needs to be a beginning or maybe another chapter but then again, I get sidetracked alot..at least now it has a title

de..funny thing, this isn’t neccessarily about you but you’ll find interesting inspirations from you

now onto the story
Part 1
with bated breath, she stirs from a catnap, stretching out her long legs, looking him straight in the eye “I’m getting married,” she says. He looks at her dumbfounded. What had he been thinking letting her go all those years ago and now she was getting married to someone else. WTF? They had been friends on and off the last few years and they were dating other people but he didn’t realize that it had gotten serious for her with someone else. He always thought she be there when he needed her, when he was in between relationships, when he needed that safe comfort loving place, he could go to her and now she was getting married? Where the hell did that come from? He knew they hadn’t really talked in a few months but still, WTF?

“Say something? Aren’t you happy for me?” He closed his mouth, he realized it was wide open, in shock. What was he suppose to say? Don’t marry him, I love you. No, he couldn’t say that, he couldn’t hurt her again and it would mean she knew the truth of his feelings when she walked away from him the second time around.

His current girlfriend situation threw his butt out the door when she woke up to hear him moaning her name the second time in a month and now she was getting married to someone else. How could he be so so stupid? He came to tell her how he felt and it was too late or was it?

He wondered did he still arouse those feelings deep inside her heart. NO, he told himself, be happy for her, smile and say something now. But what was he suppose to say when his heart was in turmoil. Damn, this must be how she felt all those years ago having to let go and move on with her life.

She looked at him, his gorgeous eyes and sexy smile and she knew she still had deep feelings for him and always would but she had finally fallen in love again with someone new, someone that made her a priority in his life. Someone that she could trust as deeply as she trusted her best friend, someone that surprised like he did, someone that shared her passion for sex everyday, someone who would cuddle with her at night. He would always be her best friend but she couldn’t wait forever. Knock it off, her mind thought. It was over a long time ago between you too and don’t even think about kissing him.

He finally blurted, “Who?”
Part 2
She looked at him, like he was not making sense or something. Who the fuck is it he wondered?

“Oh, come on, you know,” she said, “its Jeff.”

WTF? His best friend? When did they hook up? “But he doesn’t live here,” he blurted again. Although he remembered his friend telling him he was moving back and slowly looking around the room, he realized that the things in there were Jeff’s things. Why didn’t that dawn on him before? Did he just rationalized that she had the same taste as Jeff? OMG, he couldn’t tell her the truth now, he couldn’t fuck up her happiness or his best friend’s happiness or could he?

She looked at him, wondering what was going through his mind. He seemed distraught, looking around the room.

His mind was racing, he had to get out of there. He sat instead and stared at her, “I need a drink.”

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you thrilled?” she asked. Stretching again, her robe slightly exposing her breasts. oops, she thought, pulling her robe closed. She could see the smile start to spread on his lips. Just a little tease to ease the tension, maybe one last time. NO, she couldn’t think like that

Damn, he wanted her. He wanted to play with her nipples, bite them and caress her. Hold her close. He could feel his cock getting hard. He wanted to thrust deep inside her, kiss her passionately, feel her wetness surround him. NO, he had to stop thinking like that. He couldn’t do that to Jeff.

She got off the couch, exposing her ass, and went into the kitchen to get him a drink. He looked like he seriously needed something. She came back to the living room and sat down, handing him his drink. “Are you alright?” She wanted him badly. She was so wet. She wanted to bend over the couch and have him fuck her ass.

“How long have you two being seeing each other? When did you two hook up? Where is Jeff right now?”

She didn’t answer right away. Her mind was lost in her sensations. She moved her hand across her thigh, inching her silky robe up. She wanted to grab her nipples and pinch them. “I don’t know, he’s off somewhere filming something. He could be back any moment.” She stood up and walked towards him. She leaned down and kissed him hard and passionately, while her hands swiftly undid his belt and pulled out his hard throbbing cock. She immediately lowered her head and started licking his cock, slightly moaning.

He didn’t stop her. What was he thinking? Jeff could walk in the door at any moment. What would he do?

She stopped and stood up, leaned over the couch exposing her ass. “I want to feel you in my ass now!”
the questions..
where is Jeff?
what will he do?
does he do as she wishes?

Part 3
lets back up a moment..

part 1 synopsis: They are best friends – she is getting married and just told him. He’s in a daze because he has come to tell her he’s in love with her and finally blurts out “Who?”

part 2 synopsis: She tells him that its his long time best friend, Jeff, that ask her to marry him. She exposes herself to him, leans over and kisses him and starts to suck his cock. She leans over the couch and says, “I want to feel you in my ass now!”

we are left with several questions:
where is Jeff?
what will he do?
does he do as she wishes?

Characters need names before we move forward to part 3, me thinks people are getting confused

Her name is Isis
His name is Aaron
and Jeff is the finance

and now onto part 3….

Aaron looks at her ass, it looks delicious, what the fuck is he going to do? Oh what the hell, she’s inviting him to fuck her and she said that Jeff was out filming and he knew when Jeff got to filming, he got lost in the moment and it might be hours before he came up for air. One last time with Isis, why not, could he just walk away after this, he didn’t know but she had. He stood up slowly, he pants dropped to the floor. He reached down to the table and grabbed the cherry lube sitting plainly in view, did Jeff fuck her here, he wondered? He drizzled the lube down her ass and started to massage the lube into her ass. He drizzled lube on himself, coating his hard cock.

Isis looked behind her, oh my, he was rubbing the lube on his hard cock, she loved to watch a man stroke himself. And the sensations where his fingers where playing with her ass, ooooooo. She felt him move towards her clit, he was rubbing the lube everywhere, she wanted to feel his tongue licking it off her.

Aaron gently put his hard cock against her ass and entered her, she was gently bucking back into him, she wanted him. He heard her whisper, “deeper, harder.” He complied, he started to thrust into her faster and harder, grabbing her ass with both hands to steady her. He brought one hand around her waist and found her clit. She was so wet, he started to pinch and rub her clit, she bucked harder. He was pounding her ass. He reached up and pulled her up to him, deeply kissing her. He reached up and grabbed her tits, pulling at them. He moved his hands back down to her ass and grabbed her ass,
pulling himself deeper and deeper within her.

Her legs were shaking, she was moaning. Oh my, she was in heaven. She could hear him moaning. Oh my, he was close.

Aaron could feel her almost to the brink, she was close. Her hands were gripping the edge of the couch and she exploded, he could almost feel her vibrating against him. He couldn’t take it anymore and with one last deep thrust, he came in her ass. He collapse on top of her back.

She was out of breath and as she opened her eyes, the room was a more vibrant color. She felt Aaron slightly kiss her back as he lifted his weight off of her.

Isis trembled under him, he loved when he left her trembling and shaking. He slowly moved back, kissing her slightly as moved. He licked the cherry lube off her ass and lazily licked her clit from behind. She trembled even more, he gently bit her clit and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, savoring her taste. He felt her thighs clench as another powerful orgasm overwhelmed her, her juices flowing down his chin. Satisfied, he leans back, pulled up his pants and sits down.

Isis couldn’t move, she was in a daze. She wanted to feel his tongue back in her pussy now. She slowly recovers, pulls her robe back on and leans over to kiss him, tasting herself all over him, she licks his chin to taste herself even more and then she sits back down on the couch grinning at him.

They hear a car pulling into the driveway and then Jeff walked into the house. Isis jumps up and runs to him, kissing him passionately on the lips as if nothing had happened. She’s good, Aaron thought to himself.


With a start, Aaron, shakes his head and hears Jeff talking to him, “dude, are you ok?” Aaron looks around wildy, Isis is sitting on the couch next to Jeff innocently looking at him, wearing a tshirt and shorts. Jeff has his hand on Isis’ thigh. WTF, weren’t they just by the door kissing? They both had a look of concern directed towards him. WTF is going on? He felt like he was in the twilight zone.

Jeff looks at him again and says, “dude, it looks like you were lost in your head or something. Do you want another beer?”

Oh my god, Aaron realizes it was all a dream or was it? He licks his lips and he can still taste her, he touches his lips and they feel sticky. He can smell her on him, his taste buds overwhelmed with her scent.

Isis licks her lips, winks at him and turns and kisses Jeff passionately and deeply. Jeff looks at her and says, “I see someone has been playing.” Then Jeff looks at him, “did she include you? Sometimes she is so selfish and play with herself before I get home.”

Aaron too stunned to speak, shakes his head. Twisted, was it a dream?

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