until next time

she wanted him to make the first move, push her against the wall, grab her head and kiss her, guess she’s going to have to make the first move next time, they were so close so many times and yet she wasn’t sure until the texting started

(in retrospect, she’s a space, there were so many clues)

how she wished she was in the truck with him on the way to nowhere, as he pulled out his hard cock and started to stroke it, up and down while she watched, she loved to watch his hand moving deliciously up and down imaging her tongue swirling the head of his cock and her mouth watering at the thought of tasting him, feeling him against the back of her throat, could she do it from this angle?

fast forward a few minutes, he’s home and naked, sitting in front of the computer, reading erotica, she imagines herself kneeling in front of him, taking him in her mouth, slowly, licking, drinking in his scent while her hand slyly slides down her jeans to her clit, oh, she is so wet, she knew she was wet but ohhh, so much more than she realized. The window is open, the front door is open and she is expecting a client to show up any minute and yet she can’t wait, she needs release now. Damn these jeans are tight yet there is no way she can slip out of them for a minute not while she is waiting, slowly she starts to rub her clit imagining her mouth on his hard hot cock, throbbing and pulsing, his hand on her head, slowly licking, teasing and then her own needs overcome her as she imagines watching him stroke his hard cock and cumming..then he disappeared, leaving her wet and frustrated..

until next time

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