She handed him a slip of paper and told him to read it and then come into her bedroom in 5 minutes.

He watched her walk away, opened the slip of paper and read what she had written, “I don’t want you to touch, I want you to watch. I want you to come silently into the bedroom and sit on the chair and watch, don’t touch. If you feel like masturbating, then by all means go for it but if you start to cum, you have to cum on my ass. Don’t touch and don’t ask questions. Don’t think, just do it, now!”

He was full of questions, he couldn’t help himself, they had been playing a game of question/answer except he refused to answer any more of her questions until she ask the one question she said she had to ask when they saw each other again and she wouldn’t ask it.

He walked into her room as instructed and found her naked on her bed, her legs bent, one farther on the bed and she was facing away from him, her eyes closed, her ass and pussy exposed to him. One hand was lightly rubbing her swollen pussy lips and occasionally rubbing her clit. He sat down and watched for awhile silently as she rubbed her juices on her ass, back and forth between her pussy to her ass, a slow teasing torture of a slow song, was she testing him? What if he wanted to touch? She continued to go back and forth, lubricating her ass and then she put her finger in her ass. Oh, he was hard alright, he unbutton his shorts and took out his hard cock and started to stroke it lightly, he didn’t want to cum before she was finished. She went back to lubricating her ass some more with her juices. She started to finger herself, putting three fingers in her pussy, finger fucking herself slowly. Her other hand started to tweak her clit, pulling at it, twisting it and then she put two fingers, then three in her ass and started to fuck her ass. He was stroking his cock harder now, he longed to touch, to taste but he couldn’t touch, he couldn’t cheat and she knew that. Her eyes were closed, her breathing was labored and she was moaning, she was close and he was not that far away. In and out, her fingers plunged into her ass, faster now, in and out, oh my, she was fucking her ass with her fingers, god that was hot, her ass looked so delicious from his view. He couldn’t help himself, he stood up and leaned down onto the bed and came all over her lovely ass, never touching her.

As his cum spurted on her ass, she was so fucking turned on, that she came in a wave of leg shaking, heart stopping orgasm of pure delight. Her fingers felt so good in her ass but what she really wanted was to feel his hard cock pounding into her. She opened her eyes a few times to watch him masturbate, his eyes glued to her ass. Watching him masturbate while watching
her was so sexy. She watched him pump his cum on her ass and as he was finishing, she broke the silent, hoarsly whispering, “touch me, touch me now.”

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