she sat in the morning sunshine letting the heat warm her body, the wind like a tender caress against her exposed thigh, a slight tickle upon her hot warm pussy. Her eyes closed, she leans back and stretches, letting the wind dance along her body. Opening her legs a little wider to allow the cool wind to dance a little deeper, she begins to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling, her hands exposing her breasts to the sunshine.

Her pussy lips began to swell and she is beyond wet, as he watches her. She stares directly at him while sliding her fingers into her pussy, daring him to come closer but all he does is stare. Eyes closed, her fingers slide the length of her pussy, teasing her clit, cupping her pussy, sliding more fingers in and out, slick with her cum, a delicious foreplay as she feels his eyes boring holes into her skin. She moans, fingers furiously rubbing her clit, she wants to feel his tongue licking, sucking, biting but all he does is watches.

She momentarily opens her eyes to find him watching, his hard cock rising, the tip straining against his shorts to be let free. She stares for a moment, licks her lips and then reaches down to grab the nearest hard round solid object, his hammer. She closes her eyes again and begans to tease him, sliding his hard hammer up and down her swollen pussy. Squirming down in her seat a little further, she starts to push the hammer further and deeper inside herself, slowly as the wind caresses her thighs, his eyes burning into her soul.

Slowly sliding the hammer in and out, longer slower withdrawals hitting just the right spot, her fingers once again find her clit, rubbing furiously back and forth while she holds the hammer into her pussy, her juices trickling down to her ass. Eyes closed, head thrown back, waves and waves of delicious orgasm hit her body as the winds danced upon her temple and he watches, savoring her private moment, completely and utterly meant for him.

he can’t believe she is masturbating right there in front of him, she said she would but he didn’t think she’d actually do it and she said she had when they were talking but he didn’t think she actually was doing it. He is so rock hard but no way is he going to masturbate out there in the open. He licks his lips, he wants to taste but he doesn’t want to disturb the moment or the show. Omg, she’s grabbed the hammer, what the hell is going to do with that? Oh!

(author note: I think he needs to finish the story. And definetly she should play with his tools some more)

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